Monday, 22 January 2018

  The next MCANEO meeting is the SECOND Tuesday of every month at Prime at Anthe's at Noon.  It's a Luncheon ! 

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  • Image2010 - 2012 Officers

  • Mike Rohr, President

  • Tom Kintz, Vice President

  • Dave Griebel, Secretary

  • Brian Mackey, Treasurer

Below you will find the objectives and purpose of the MCANEO as stated in our Constitution and By-Laws.
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The objectives and purpose of this Organization are as follows:

1. To promote and encourage greater cooperation between employers and employees, by aiding and encouraging more friendly relationships between members of this Organization, our employees and their organizations, undertaking to bring into this industry the humane feeling between employers and employees, that should properly exist.

2. To promote the general welfare of its members by the collection and distribution of reliable and useful information to its members, thus affording and providing means for the intelligent consideration and action in the matters pertaining to our employees, to facilitate and improve the methods of handling materials necessary in our industry and to provide the best and most satisfactory methods for the submission of an execution of building contracts to the end that our industry be surrounded by proper safeguards for the protection of life, limb and property.

3. To promote and encourage efficiency in the art of masonry construction, and to generally encourage and aid in the education of apprentices in our industry, and to generally encourage the movement to build with brick and other masonry products.

4. To promote and encourage the principles of justice and equity in dealings between employers and employees, co-employers and co-employees, architects, engineers, material dealers, and the general public.

5. To promote, encourage, and advocate needed and helpful legislation for our industry, for the general good of all.

6. To counsel, advise, encourage and secure honorable dealing in the performance and execution of contracts with each other, with our employees, with the members of other trades, and with those engaged in the erection and construction of buildings.

7. To promote and encourage the formulation, adoption and establishment of such customs of business as will be just, equitable and honorable between man and man.

8. In every way, manner and form to promote and encourage by the establishment of a strong and sympathetic bond of fellowship among the members thereof, thereby securing unity of action and effort in the accomplishment of a common purpose.

9. To assist in the uplift and elevation of the standards of our trade, and to encourage our members and our employees to a better standard of life and living.

10. To cooperate in every honorable and legal way with organizations and associations in allied lines, and with individuals, firms and corporations in different lines of business for the general good of our industry.

11. To secure and aid in the correction and reformation of any wrongs affecting the general interest of the building industry.

12. To encourage the obedience of the spirit and letter of all laws and ordinances made by our Federal, State and Municipal governments for the regulation, control and conduct of building operation, and that no action shall be taken by this Association or the members hereof which in any form or manner would or might be construed as a participation in or encouragement of any illegal arrangements or combination for the control of labor, or the restriction thereof, or any arrangements or combination for the fixing of prices or the restriction of competition.